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November, 2001
New This Month

New for the page "Yesterday's Concert Pianists"

This year marks the 150th birthday of the great Russian pianist and teacher, Anna Essipova (b. St. Petersburg, Feb. 12, 1851; d. same, Aug. 18, 1914), and in celebration the Voice of Russia added her biography to their website under her currently correct English spelling of ANNA YESIPOVA. A remarkable pianist by all accounts, the biography states that she did not begin serious piano studies until age 13 when she was enrolled in the St. Petersburg Conservatory where she studied under Leschetizky. After several years of concert tours in her mid-twenties, she married Leschetizky and they taught together in Vienna in the 1880's. Upon their divorce in 1892 she returned to Russia and taught in the St. Petersburg Conservatory from 1893-1908. Her playing was likened to Liszt by the magical effect it produced, an unlimited variety of touch and color, and her stamina and strength was amazing. Biographers in English have had to choose between the names Anna or Annette and Essipova or Essipoff, but now Groves has adopted the same spelling as this Russian biography, that of YESIPOVA, which "Women at the Piano" will also adopt.

Other biographical links found and added to the listing of historical women include:
Josepha von Auernhammer(b. Vienna, Sept. 25, 1758; d. Jan. 30, 1820)
Marie Leopoldine Blahetka(b. Austria, Nov. 15, 1811; d. France, Jan. 12, 1887)
Teresa Carreno(b. Caracas, Ven, Dec. 22, 1853; d. New York, June 12, 1917)
Ethel Leginska (Liggins) (b. Hull, Eng., Ap. 13, 1886; Feb. 26, 1970)
Sophie Menter(b. Munich, July 29, 1846; d. Stackdorf, Ger., Feb. 23, 1918)
Maria Therese von Paradis (b. Vienna, May 15, 1759; d. Vienna, Feb. 1, 1824)
most of which are found at www.Hildegard.com.

Birthday updates, mentioned by a reader, include
Guiomar Novaes (b. Sao Joao da Bao Vista, Brazil, Feb. 28, 1895; d. Sao Paulo, Mar. 7, 1979) and
Lili Kraus (b. Budapest, April 3, 1905 (or Mar. 4, 1903 or 1908); d. Nov. 6, 1986)
Read more about Kraus' birthday controversy in this month's Letters to the Editor.

New for the page "Today's Top Concert Pianists"

The most amazing biography of a world-class pianist living today is that of Zhou Guangren. This is a must read! After surviving enough obstacles for 10 lifetimes she has managed to keep performing and teaching at the center of her life.

New for the page "Other Contemporary Women Pianists"

A California visitor mentioned Gloria Cheng as an active pianist to include on this page. Her name links to an interview with her that was interesting and insightful.

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