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October, 2003

New pages published this month:

    There is a new page of "Letters To The Editor" :
    Correspondence from April and May, 2003
    Many of these readers ask questions which I do not have the answers to and I am turning to you to help them out. But whether or not you know the answers I am trusting you will find them as interesting and informative as I do.

New for the page "Yesterday's Concert Pianists"

    Sari Biro (b. Budapest, March 24, 1912; d. San Francisco, Sept. 2, 1990)
    "Sari Biro combined technical brilliance with a rare musical insight. The sound she evoked from the instrument was paramount but always in relation to the intent of the composer. She was a deeply philosophical and inspired artist whose playing helped dispel the belief that men and women could not be judged on an equal artistic footing." Maria Watts writes an overview of the life of this eminent 20th Century pianist.
    Lillian Steuber (b. 1908, d. California, 1977)
    A notable performer throughout her life, in later years this artist was highly esteemed as a chamber performer and teacher at the University of Southern California.
    Germaine Thyssens-Valentin (b. Holland, 1902; d. 1987)
    This Dutch pianist recorded the complete piano works of Faure in the 1950's which were recently re-released and won the Gramophone 2002 Historic Reissue Award. Gramophone Reviewer Bryce Morrison said: "No other pianist, in my experience, has shown a comparable inwardness or capacity to penetrate to the very quick or essence of one of music's most misunderstood geniuses."

New for the page "Today's Top Concert Pianists"

    Roberte Mamou: "This Tunisian-born pianist is based in Europe, and has worked mostly in Belgium. She has just the right manner for (the Mozart Sonatas), always seeming to choose an appropriate tempo and to phrase with care for the musical line and the thematic personality. When these things feel as spontaneous and natural as they do here, the performer can take due credit."
    Young-Choon Park: "This South Korean pianist's sensitive, refined and intellectual playing combined with its strength and passion has become increasingly recognised by critics and has enthralled audiences the world over."
New links for:
    Nina Milkina. Two articles on Nina Milkina were published on www.musicweb.uk.net in April of this year. I am linking to Craig Sheppard's article which seems to have more biographical information on her while reviewing a rerelease of her Chopin Preludes. The other article, by Christopher Howell reviews a new CD rerelease from 1972 entitled: NINA MILKINA AT THE WIGMORE HALL.

New for the page "Other Contemporary Women Pianists"

New for the page "Women as Duopianists"

    Ferhan and Ferzan Índer. These young turkish twin-sisters began playing the piano just at the age of ten and only four years later, they won the "Jury Special Award" at the International Duo Competition in Terni (Italy).

Rose Eide-Altman, editor
published October 19 ,2003

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