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October, 2001
New This Month

New for the page "Yesterday's Concert Pianists"

Early in September a biography page for Dame Myra Hess was published at the Carolina Classical Collection , edited by Charley Moss. This is an excellent, concise article about this famous lady and she forms the inspiration for this month's Editorial Musings.

Nigel Nettheim has expanded his offerings about Maryla Jonas into an index listing several rare articles about her life.

This past month two readers (see Letters to the Editor ) introduced me to two great pianists from the past who have been neglected: Etelka Freund (b. Hungary, 1879; d. Zurich, May 27, 1977) and Lubka Kolessa (b. Lvov, Ukraine, May 19,1904; d. Toronto, Canada, 1997).

September's Gramophone magazine listed the obituaries of two important women pianists, one of whom has always been listed in this site and was moved to the historic women list: Halina Czerny-Stefanska (b. Poland, Dec. 30, 1922; d. July 1, 2001).

The other pianist, Yaltah Menuhin (b. San Francisco, October 7, 1921; d. June 9, 2001) was the sister of Yehudi and Hepzibah Menuhin, both of whom regarded her as the "most talented of the three"! Her name links to her obituary which provides a fascinating story of a performer who persisted despite a opposing mother and jealous second husband. Finding a compatible spouse by the age of 39, she then spent years performing as a duo with her husband, as well as some solo performing.

New for the page "Today's Top Concert Pianists"

Did you see Angela Hewitt (b. Canada, July 26, 1958) on the front cover of September's Gramophone? Inside the magazine is an insightful interview with one of the world's leading Bach specialists.

New for the page "Other Contemporary Women Pianists"

New names added last month include: Diana Fanning , Gila Goldstein , Claudia Hoca , Irina Khovanskaya and Janice Weber

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This past month an effort was made to make all the pages viewable in Netscape. Hopefully the entire site is now viewable by all visitors. If you are still having problems, please email the editor. Apologies for the site being unexpectedly down Friday and Saturday, Sept. 28/29.

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