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September, 2002

Finally, after many months, I have time to update this website and share with you the many names and websites of women pianists that I have been told of or discovered in web browsing (particularly within concert series), and you will find them listed below.

New pages published this month include:
A biographical page for Maria Yudina (1899-1970), which includes links to several excellent webpages about her, as well as online reviews of her "Great Pianists of the 20th Century" cd.
and the page I am most excited about: Videos of Women Pianists! I began collecting this information after receiving an email asking about movies that feature a female pianist, to give to a little girl who wants to play the piano. I didn't find any concert artists appearing in old movies but did find several videos of live recitals. What I have listed is largely the result of websearching. If you know of other videos, please email me. One important source that I am looking for are the public television broadcasts of live recitals that are occasionally mentioned in a performers' website. We need to model in as many ways as possible the excellent performance of classical music for our students, and videos are usually a more available medium than the preferred live performances.

I also hope you will take time to read the interesting emails that were sent since March -- April & May and June, July & August, many of whom provided information resulting in the following updates:

New for the page "Yesterday's Concert Pianists"

    Lucette Descaves (b. Paris, April 1, 1906; d. Paris, April 15, 1993)
    new website for Yaltah Menuhin (b. San Francisco, October 7, 1921; d. June 9, 2001)
    new page for Maria Yudina (September 10, 1899, Nevel; November 19, 1970, Moscow)

New for the page "Today's Top Concert Pianists"

New for the page "Other Contemporary Women Pianists"

Twenty-eight names were added this time -- have fun visiting their websites!
Alessandra Ammara
Lera Auerbach
Elena Baksht
Katherine Chi
Lucille Chung
Halida Dinova
Julia and Irina Elkina
Katrine Gislinge
Anna Gourari
Inna Heifetz
Liz Huang
Mi-Jung Im
Julie Jordan
Angela Jia Kim
Sung-Im Kim
Oksana Kolesnikova
Min Kwon
Jung Lin
Christina Petrowska Quilico
Adelaide Roberts
Margarita Shevchenko
Francisca Skoogh
Zeynep Ucbasaran
Evalina Vorontsova
Elizabeth Wolff
Christine Yoshikawa
Julia Zilberquit


Rose Eide-Altman, editor
published September 17, 2002

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