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June, 2001
New This Month

Welcome to a new page and an expanded format for "Women at the Piano". I hope you find it more convenient than ever to discover the fascinating lives of women concert pianists. And that is the reason for this page, to keep you informed of treasures that are dug up each month and linked to, or published, in this site. Thank you to the visitors/readers that submitted information!! - Rose Eide-Altman , editor

New for "Yesterday's Concert Pianists"
Updated information and links supplied for:

Maggie Oakey (b. Mudgee, NSW, Australia, Dec. 15, 1864; d. Jul. 2,1952) - Thanks to Dr. Nigel Nettheim for correcting my entry and recently publishing on his website a fascinating newspaper article about Maggie Oakey, which her name now links to.

Natalie Hinderas (b. Oberlin, Ohio, June 16, 1927; d. Philadelphia, July 22, 1987) - An important African-American pianist, I have updated her birth and death dates and places.

Marie Bigot de Morouges (b. Colmar, France, Mar 3, 1786; d. Paris, Sept. 16, 1820) - This new link has only a small amount of biographical information on this important classical era pianist/composer, but it is an important source of her compositions.

New page about Cheryl Branham's dissertation
Branham, Cheryl. Piano/Forte: A study of women concert pianists' lives and careers. University of Maryland College Park, 1995. Available from UMI's Dissertations Express. Cheryl interviewed 23 of today's leading women professional pianists in the early 1990's. It was reading their fascinating careers that provided the inspiration to develop this site in the first place, which is mentioned in About This Site .

New for "Women Concert Pianists Living Today"

Eleanor Sokoloff - A link has been added for this "grand dame" of piano teachers; this is a short page in an interesting site.

Margarita Fyodorova (b. 1928) - This pianist is new to this section, discovered while web browsing.

Pnina Salzman (b. Tel-Aviv, Feb. 24, 1924) - Another new pianist, she was suggested by Dr. Nettheim and is referenced in the 1980 Groves dictionary as well as other sources.

This month there are updated birthdates for:
Marilyn Neeley (b. Glendale, CA, 1941)
Ann Schein (b. New York, Nov. 10, 1939)
Regina Smedzianka (b. Poland, Oct. 9, 1924)

and Noriko Ogawa (b. Kawasaki, Japan, Jan. 2, 1962)
was moved from the page of "Other Contemporary Women Pianists" to this page when it was discovered that she is listed in the International Who's Who in Music 1996/97 Classical/Light Classical edition.

New for "Other Contemporary Women Pianists"
Frequent visitors may have noticed that in May I added 27 new names/web pages to this section. Three new names this month are: Tsai Chai Hsio , Inna Faliks, and Shoshana Rudiakov.

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