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April 2002
New This Month

New for the page "Yesterday's Concert Pianists"

Two students of Isidor Philipp were added this month:

    Youra Guller (1895-1980) was a child prodigy who won first prize at the Paris Conservatory at the age of 12. This launched her young career which continued into her early 20's. She had a break in her career due to illnesses, but returned in 1959, at the age of 64, and performed and recorded into the early 1970's, making her Carnegie Hall debut at the age of 76. Her playing was known for a rich tonal pallette and singing legato with an intensley personal approach.
    Madeleine de Valmalete (1899-199?) was a technical virtuoso who earned the praise of Saint-Saens while still a teenager. She toured Europe many times and taught at the Ecole Normale as well as the Grenobel Conservatoire. She performed into her 90's and left several recordings.

Also added was:

    Ethel Newcomb (b. Whitney Point, NY, Oct. 30, 1875; d. Whitney Point, NY, July 3, 1959) who studied with Theodore Leschetizky and later became his assistant. She concertized throughout Europe and the United States. She is best known for writing a biography of Leschetizky.

New for the page "Today's Top Concert Pianists"

    Elisso Wirssaladze teaches at the Moscow Conservatory and the Munich High School for Music. Besides being a much sought-after teacher she is an active performer in major venues and a recording artist.

New for the page "Other Contemporary Women Pianists"

    Polina Osetinskaya was born December 11, 1975 in Moscow, Russia. As a child prodigy she performed Beethoven's Fifth concerto and the Schumann piano concerto in the same concert at age nine. She graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatoire in 1998 and has released several CD's.
    Beth Levin studied with Rudolph Serkin and Leonard Shure. She is an active performer, primarily in the U.S. and has recordings. Read her articles at www.LaFolia.com.

Rose Eide-Altman, editor
published April 6, 2002

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