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February 2002
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New for the page "Yesterday's Concert Pianists"

Ray Lev (b. Rostove, Russia, May 8, 1912; d. N.Y., May 20, 1968) was an active performer up until a month before she died, performing the Schumann Piano Concerto in April, 1968. Her family moved to the U.S. when she was one, in 1913. Though she did not begin piano lessons until age 13, within just a few years she was the winner of the American Matthay Assoc. Prize Contest. By age 20 she made her London recital debut, and two years later her New York debut. George Kehler's "The Piano in Concert" lists Carnegie Hall recitals almost every year up until her death. He states: "She was a serious artist with a dazzling technique and a pianist of good taste."

This month's editorial column looks at three African-American women classical pianists:
Natalie Hinderas (b. Oberlin, Ohio, June 16, 1927; d. Philadelphia, July 22, 1987)
Hazel Harrison (b. May 12, 1883, La Porte, Indiana; d. April 29, 1969, Washington, D.C.)
and Philippa Schuyler (b. August 2, 1931, New York, NY; d. May 9, 1967, Vietnam)

New for the page "Today's Top Concert Pianists"

Several young women listed on the page of "Other Contemporary Women Pianists" were moved to this page due to their extensive international concert schedules and notable competition prizes. These may be considered some of the most active and exciting, under-35 performers today:

Natasa Veljkovic (b. April 2, 1968, Belgrade, Yugoslavia), Yugoslavia's leading concert pianist, currently residing in Vienna, won first place in the 1985 Clara Haskil International Piano Competition. Performing publically since the age of seven she won several youth competitions before winning the Haskil at the young age of 17. In 1990 she placed first in the World Music Masters in Paris. Her personal website is at www.veljkovic.net.

Ingrid Fliter (b. 1973, Buenos Aires, Argentina), was catapulted to fame by placing second in the 2000 Frederic Chopin International Piano Competitionin Warsaw. She has toured frequently with the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra throughout Japan and the U.S., as well as Europe.

Olga Kern (b. April 23, 1975, Russia) is in the midst of a hectic performance schedule due to her first place award at the 2001 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. One of the most publicized competitions, her performances resulted in almost superstar status among the American viewers.

Mihaela Ursuleasa (b. 1978, Brasov, Romania) took first place in the 1995 Clara Haskil International Piano Competition, at age 16, and since her graduation from the Vienna Conservatory in 1999 her performing schedule has blossomed into a busy, full-time career. In some respects this career began at the age of eight with a performance of a Mozart piano concerto, a recording and, soon after, performances in Japan and Germany. In October, 2000 she was a finalist in the International Chopin Piano Competition.

Updates to this page include:
Barbara Nissman now has her own website;
Pnina Salzman has a new link to a biographical sketch
and Zhou Guangren has been moved to the "Z" section to reflect the fact that Zhou is her last name.

New for the page "Other Contemporary Women Pianists"

Joyce Hatto, a British pianist and teacher
Ali Wood, a young and innovative pianist in Australia
Beata Szalwinska, a Polish pianist teaching in Luxembourg

New to the Site is a page of "Birthdays" that was added in January, 2002. This includes the known birthdates for each person listed in the historical listing and today's top pianist list, arranged by month.

---Rose Eide-Altman, editor
updated February 12, 2002

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