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August, 2001
Letters to the Editor

Subj: tracing a pianist
Date: 7/4/01
From: linda...@...demon.co.uk
To: PianoWomenEditor

Dear Ed,

I am trying to find info on a concert pianist from Germany named Ellie Nye (not sure of spelling) , can you help? Have you heard of her?

Many thanks


Subj: re: tracing a pianist
Date: 7/5/01
From: PianoWomenEditor
To: linda...@...demon.co.uk

Hello Linda,

I think you may be referring to: Elly Ney (b. Dusseldorf, Sept. 27, 1882; d. Tuteing, Mar. 31, 1968).

She is listed in my page of "Yesterday's Concert Pianists" but without any links, so I haven't found a page of biographical material already on the web to link her to.

She is listed in all of the important music biographical dictionaries: Baker, Groves, Riemann, Thompson, etc., and there was an article about her published in FANFARE, Vol. 5, 1982.

George Kehler in "The Piano in Concert" states: "Her teachers were I.Seiss and K. Bottcher at Cologne, Sauer and Leschetizky in Vienna. She taught piano for three years at the Cologne Conservatory; later she began the career of a concert pianist and has toured throughout the world. Her talent won her many honors, such as the Mendelssohn and Ibach prizes; since 1939 she was in charge of a piano master class at the Hochschule fur Music "Mozarteum" at Salzburg. After the war she lived in retirement at her home in Tutzing, Bavaria, appearing frequently with late works of Beethoven until three weeks before her death. Ney was noted by critics for her delicately brilliant and poetical playing. She also had a fluent and rippling technique, with the effect of transparent fluency in music that requires it. She was an interesting pianist that could find something to communicate out of a common run."

Several of her recordings have been transferred to CD and are available.
Hope this helps,

Rose Eide-Altman
Editor, Women at the Piano

Subj: Anna Antoniades
Date: 7/8/01
From: mh...@...com.ar
To: PianoWomenEditor


I have come across a very rare Polydor 1928 shellac with amazing playing by Anna Antoniades. I have found nothing, I mean literally NOTHING, even related to her name. I wonder if you would like to search with me. All I have are the Brahms Variations on a Theme by Paganini and Only Book 1. Amazing recording!

Must thank Andrys Basten for leading me to your site! Hopefully you will have a link to her Argerich page!(http://andrys.com/arg-arti.html)

Warm regards,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Subj: re:Anna Antoniades
Date: 7/26/01
To: mh...@...com.ar
From: PianoWomenEditor

Hello Maria,

I finally got to the library and found Anna Antoniades biography in George Kehler's book: "The Piano in Concert". It is listed under "Xydis" and I looked up other reference books but non had her listed with either name. Kehler does not have her dates, but does list 8 recital programs of hers from 1936 (Bachsaal, Berlin) to 1974 (Carnegie Hall). I looked in an online necrology file of musicians (which lists death dates) but she wasn't there. Here's the Kehler entry:

Greek pianist, was born at Krasnodar in South Russia during the First World War, of Greek parents. Antoniades first saw her ancestral country as a student at the Athens Conservatory, where she won the Gold Medal upon her graduation. A debut with the Athens Philharmonic under Mitropoulos followed. The young girl played the Tschaikowsky Concerto. Then as a holder of a government fellowship she went to Berlin for three years of study at the famed Hochschule fur Musik. There she worked under Leonid Kreutzer and Vladimar Horbowski and in the summer attended the master classes of Edwin Fischer at the Stern Conservatory of Potsdam. The years that followed saw her launched on a successful career as a concert artist. She toured Germany several times, gave recitals, radio concerts, and was heard as soloist with practically every major symphony orchestra in the country. She first appeared in 1938 under Karl Bohm with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. She made recordings for Victor of the Brahms Paganini Variations and of works by Chopin, Schumann, Prokofieff , and Moussorgsky. In Berlin, the Philharmonic Orchestra engaged her there as soloist three times and she played the Beethoven C minor Concerto, Richard Strauss Burleska, and the Rachmaninoff Second Concerto. With the Vienna Philharmonic it was the Schumann Concerto and back again in Athens the Rachmaninoff Second. In Belgium and in Holland Anna Antoniades made brilliant debuts. In 1940 Antoniades made a Town Hall (New York) debut, and a year later, she gave her first Carnegie Hall recital on Tuesday evening, March 3, 1942. The major works on her program were the Chopin Sonata No.2 in B-flat minor and Schumann's Carnaval. In the middle of the 50's she made a concert tour through Europe and excelled herself especially as an interpreter of the works of Chopin, Liszt, Debussy , and Prokofieff."

Rose Eide-Altman
editor, Women at the Piano

Note: I was later sent an email from a rare recording distributor located in Argentina and referred by this previous letter writer. See "Subj: New source of relating to old LPs" in Advertisments

Subj: Pamela Ross
Date: 7/20/01
From: P..R..
To: PianoWomenEditor

Hello Rose!

Thanks for the link to my site from your wonderful website. Would you like to have some of my MP3 files, from 2 of my CDs to offer visitors to your site? If so, here they are, along with another site containing some of my published stories and essays:

Pamela Ross MP3 downloads
Pamela Ross:published articles and stories

(By the way) Baldwin must have changed their URLs lately, anyhow, here is their active artist list, scroll down to letter "R" and there I am:

Artist Roster

Hope all is well



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Subj: New source of relating to old LPs
Date: 7/29/01
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To: pianoWomenEditor@aol.com

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Subj: re: piano/keyboards guide
Date: 7/5/01
From: marshall@vidbook.com
To: PianoWomenEditor

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Subj: MSRCD.com
Date: 7/7/01
From: Charlie@msrcd.com
To: PianoWomenEditor

We have just released a beautiful CD of Lizst for Nadajda Vlaeva on the MSRCD.com recording label. Her recording has received outstanding notice in FANFARE, American Record Guide, Piano Quarterly and many others. We would love to make it available you, at your request. Feel free to email me at charlie@msrcd.com

Charles Briem
Director of Busicness Development
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Date: 7/5/01
From: info@arkadiarecords.com (Arkadia Records/View Video)
To: PianoWomenEditor

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