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July, 2001
Letters to the Editor

Subj: have you ever heard of this person
Date: 6/22/01
From: MRTV...
To: PianoWomenEditor

I am trying to find a female pianist whose name is ILANA VERED. Have you ever heard of such a person? I think she was born around 1905.
Thank you

Subj:Re: have you ever heard of this person

Ilana Vered (b. Israel, Dec. 6, 1939)

David Dubal states, in "The Art of the Piano" (1995): "She studied in Paris with Perlemuter and Darre, and in New York with Rosina Lhevinne. Vered is a stylish virtuoso with great technical flair. Her recordings of the twenty-four Chopin etudes show a remarkable dexterity, as does her disc of Moszkowski's virtuoso etudes."

George Kehler states, in "The Piano in Concert" (1982): "She attended Paris Conservatoire and Juilliard School of Music. At the age of thirteen she went to Paris and graduated with First Prize in piano from the Conservatoire at fifteen. Following this Vered was presented in a concerto appearance at the Theatre Des Champs Elysees. In 1957 she toured France for Jeunesses musicales, and in 1958 she gave an extensive concert tour in Brazil. Her New York debut took place in 1963 and was a great success. She played a full television recital on New York's Channel 13. In 1964 Vered was presented in a recital in the Young Artists Series at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has appeared with orchestras, including the Cincinnati Symphony, the Bell Telephone Orchestra, and National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico. Her studies have been with Vlado Perlemuter, Mieczyslaw Munz, Rosina Lhevinne, and Nadia Reisenberg. Vered gave a concert tour of European capitals on a grant from the Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for Music."

There is a published interview with her in "FANFARE" magazine, Vol. 17, 1994.

Hope this helps,
Rose Eide-Altman
PianoWomen Editor

Subj: Alicia de Larrocha
Date: 6/22/01
From: ...bach
To: PianoWomenEditor

I have been desperately trying to find out if Alicia De Larrocha still performs - I would love to go to a concert and see/hear her perform live. Does she still perform? I do believe she is alive (pardon my ignorance), but I have not been able to find any schedule or performances, website, or who her manager is. I... have a very petite 11 year old daughter who is a gifted pianist, and has tiny hands. It would inspire her, and me to hear Alicia .
Please let me know how I can access her concert schedule/ website if she has one. thank you!!!
p.s. I love your women performers website.

Subj: Re: Alicia de Larrocha
Date: 6/26/01
To: ...bach

Thank you for visiting PianoWomen.com, I'm glad you enjoy the site. Alicia de Larrocha is still alive and performing occasionally, but in all my searching I have not been able to find a website for her and I don't think there is one. MusicalAmerica.com lists her main managment company as "Columbia Artists Management, Inc." They finally published a website (it was "under construction" for over a year) at www. cami.com , but it doesn't include any individual artists yet. They represent so many that I'm sure this is a large task. But the MA listing states her personal representative as Diane Saldick, phone 212.841.9510. They only list one email address for the company and all their representatives: . If you like I will forward her your email and see if they reply, but it also wouldn't hurt if you called her yourself (Diane Saldick).
Best wishes with your daughter's piano studies... I hope she continues to find the inspiration and motivation to keep her playing for a long time.
Rose Eide-Altman
Editor, Women at the Piano

Subj: new listings
Date: 6/4/01
From: JEAN...
To: PianoWomenEditor@aol.com

I am interested to know whether you have international pianists or only Americans included in your listings?
Someone sent me a link to this page, but I have a wonderful friend who is a fantastic pianist. She has just put her first CDon the market but she has been a concert pianist and violinist for many years. Her name is Janice Millington and I would like to know whether you would be interested in including her in your history. She is from Barbados, West Indies.
Thank you.

Subj: Re: new listings
Date: 6/26/01
To: JEAN...

Thank you for your interest in my site. I do list women other than Americans, about a third of my listings are not from the U.S. I was originally only listing living artists who had web sites, unless they performed internationally. But I had a fascinating time researching Janice Millington and stumbled into the Web Concert Hall which I had never visited. They have a flattering critique of Janice's CD and it seems they have a screening committee so not everyone gets in there. My listing of Janice will include a link to that page.
I also ran across other interesting women in their site, so I may include another name or two from there in the July update of my site. Again, thank you for your interest in my site and best wishes to Janice in her career at the piano.
Rose Eide-Altman
PianoWomen Editor

Subj: Women Concert Pianists
Date: 6/30/2001
From: musicforpianos@digiserve.co.uk (Eric Halstead)
To: PianoWomenEditor@aol.com

I noticed that two pianists due to play in the Harrods International Piano Series 2001/2002 at the Royal Festival Hall, London do not seem to be listed on your site. They are:- Valentina Igoshina (24th Jan. 2002) and Mihaela Ursuleasa (17th March 2002).

Eric Halstead
Music for Pianos

Subj: Maryla Jonas article
Date: 6/30/2001
From: (Nigel Nettheim)
To: PianoWomenEditor@aol.com

Hello Rose,
I have just put up an article about Maryla Jonas which I think you'll find interesting. It is at http://users.bigpond.net.au/nettheim/jonas/jonas.htm
If you notice any misprints, do let me know. I have another article about her, which I will prepare in the reasonably near future.
Nigel Nettheim
Cheltenham NSW 2119 Australia

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