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March, 2002
Letters to the Editor

[Barbara Nissman] [Eileen Joyce] [George Kehler's The Piano in Concert] [Susan Tomes] [Youra Guller]

Subj: News about Barbara Nissman
Date: 2/10/2002
From: pianoconnect@stargate.net (pianoconnect)
To: PianoWomenEditor@aol.com

Thank you for your e-mail and including Barbara's website in your listing. Perhaps your readers would be interested in reading Barbara's interview about Prokofiev which is now online at: http://www.prokofiev.org/interviews/nissman.html Pierian Records has just reissued her complete Prokofiev Sonata recordings.
Thank you,
David Barr
Exclusive Management Services for Barbara Nissman

Subj: Eileen Joyce question
Date: 2/12/2002
From: Ocarina@compuserve.com (Ocarina Workshop)
To: PianoWomenEditor@aol.com

Dear Editor,

Thank you for a most interesting website. I am writing a book on the history of the ocarina (a lesser known member of the flute family) and wondered if you could suggest who I might contact to confirm the following:

I heard a story that Eileen Joyce kept an ocarina in her handbag and played it as a novelty at post-concert parties. The composer Ralph Vaughan-Williams was reputed to have enjoyed her ocarina playing so much that he wrote a short ocarina piece for her to play.

Do you know of anyone who may remember any of these details or might have any further information regarding Eileen Joyce's ocarina playing?

Many thanks for your help.
David Liggins


Subj: Re: Eileen Joyce question
Date: 2/20/2002
To: Ocarina@compuserve.com

Dear David Liggins,
Thank you for visiting "Women at the Piano". Your question about Eileen Joyce and the ocarina is very interesting. I haven't heard of it but will look around for it when I visit the music library. Maybe IPAM has something in her file. I'll let you know if I find anything.
Rose Eide-Altman
editor, "Women at the Piano"


Subj: Re: Eileen Joyce question
Date: 2/25/2002
From: Ocarina@compuserve.com

Dear Mr. Liggins,
I forwarded your inquiry to Donald Manildi at the Internation Piano Archives, which collects all of the recordings by pianists, along with published material on them, and here is his reply:
>Rose, I'm afraid this story is completely new to me. >There's a new, quite extensive biography of Joyce with much >anecdotal material, but no mention of the ocarina. Nor is >there any evidence of a Vaughan William work for that >instrument (harmonica, yes, but written for Larry Adler). >Sorry not to be of more assistance. >Donald Manildi (dm137@umail.umd.edu)

Subj: George Kehler's The Piano in Concert
Date: 2/27/2002
From: lcrow@scarecrowpress.com (Liz Crow)
To: PianoWomenEditor@aol.com

Dear Ms Rose Eide-Altman,
Greetings from the Scarecrow Press! I was simply charmed to discover your web site, www.pianowomen.com, while doing an internet search for George Kehler's book The Piano in Concert. In one of your archived articles, you mention the book, which has regretfully been out of print for some time. We at Scarecrow are quite interested in putting this volume back into print, however our archive copy is missing and without it there is no way to reprint the book (electronic files no longer exist and the author is deceased). In fact, our music editor is quite displeased that he has not been able to obtain a used copy.

I am emailing you in hopes that you will pity our plight and loan us your copy of the Kehler book so that we won't have to wait any longer to bring the book back into print. The reprint process would, unfortunately, destroy your original copy, but we would be more than happy to replace it with a freshly bound edition as soon as the reprints are available. I hope you agree to help us with this reprinting endeavor.

Looking forward to your reply.
Best wishes,
Elizabeth Crow
Editorial Assistant
4720 Boston Way
Lanham, MD 20706
W. 301-459-3366 x5314
F. 301-429-5747


Subj: Re: George Kehler's The Piano in Concert
Date: 2/27/2002
To: lcrow@scarecrowpress.com

Dear Liz Crow,
So happy to hear of your interest in reprinting Kehler's book! I've had several emails from individuals world-wide looking for copies and valuing the opportunities to read a copy. Unfortunately I do not own a copy, but do all my research at the Univ. of Maryland's Performing Arts Library in College Park (which has a copy).

It would really be great if you could reprint the book. It has a large amount of valuable information, much of which is not found anywhere else. Some of the information is outdated with regards to living individuals. That is one reason why I chose to develop my site of women pianists -- to link to contemporary artists' personal websites or publicity pages which they could keep current -- and another reason was because Kehler was out of print, and nothing has taken its place.

Best wishes in this endeavor and please let me know if it materializes. Meanwhile I'll publish your letter in my "Letters to the Editor" column and maybe somone will read it who would be willing to donate a copy.
Rose Eide-Altman
editor, "Women at the Piano"

Subj: Susan Tomes
Date: 2/27/2002
From: bphillips@scarecrowpress.com (Bruce Phillips)
To: PianoWomenEditor@aol.com

She is one of our best pianists in the UK and ought to be in your list!
Congratulations on a splendid site!

Bruce Phillips
Music editor,
Scarecrow Press,
Lanham,MD 20706

Editorial note: She has been included on this site for several months in the page Other Contemporary Classical Pianists

Subj: Youra Guller
Date: 2/21/2002
From: . . .@netvision.net.il (Bob Aroyo)
To: PianoWomenEditor@aol.com

Dear Ms. Eide-Altman,
. . .May I please mention one more very fine lady pianist who I believe is not on your list - but (in my opinion) should be at the very top ? Youra Guller was unique. I actually heard her at the Wigmore Hall in London way back in the 60s. Even though she was not exactly a young woman at the time, her sound was incomparable. There is a CD issued by Dante with some Chopin mazurkas and some of his Nocturnes that she recorded in the 50s. The Nocturnes are performed superbly.

I enclose a file of the information that I have managed to assemble about this wonderful lady, which you may be interested to read. If you happen to acquire any more details about her, I would certainly appreciate them.

Yours sincerely,
Bob Aroyo

this page published March 7, 2002
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