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February, 2002
Letters to the Editor

[Brigitte Engerer] [Sofronitzki] [from W. Keller] [Aurnhammer/Ployer] [Joyce Hatto] [Beata Szalwinska] [Natasa Veljkovic] [Ilana Vered] [Barbara Nissman] [Guangren Zhou] [Madeline Schiller] [Ali Wood]

Subj: Bios
Date: 12/21/2001
From: Sefik Yuksel
To:PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

By chance I read the biography of Brigitte Engerer. There seem to be some errors. Ms. Engerer did not win the first prize at the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 1978 (Belgium). She received the third prize. The first prize was Abdel Rahman El-Bacha. I was present at the final evening when prizes were given. Also, I do not remember her winning the first prize in the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. Perhaps these were unintentional mistakes by the person who prepared the biography.

Best regards.


Editorial note: The biography Mr. Yuksel is referring to is published at http://www.transartuk.com/engerer/, the site we linked to her name. It is currently not available so we changed it to a biography page at http://www.artsmg.com/be.html, though this seems to have the same (mis)information. We have no control over the material published on other websites, only a choice whether to link to it.

Date: 12/4/2001
From: Liang Wu
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

if you are also intrested in fortepiano, try this link: www.sofronitzki.com


Subj: Hello
Date: 12/18/2001
From: Warren Keller
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

I heard a beautiful and well played piece tonight by a woman named Kaflak/Kavlak (sp?) on a major NYC station. Can you i.d. her for me? She was playing a magnificent neo-classical number called Concertine. I was hoping to tell my mom about it as I thought the work was perfect for her repetoire.

I thought you might be interested to know that my mom Roslyn Schiff was a student of Constance Keen and her then husband Abrahm Chasins. She was the sole protege of Anatole Kitain as well. I finally got her recorded at the age of 68 a couple years ago- I'd be happy to send it to you!

Thanks much,
Warren Keller


Editorial Note: After looking in George Kehler's The Piano in Concert (which has hundreds of detailed listings), and Women in music: an encyclopedic biobibliography by Hixon and Hennessee, we were unable to find a pianist with a name close to Kaflak, etc. Perhaps a reader will know this information -- if so, email the editor and we will forward it.

Subj: http://www.pianowomen.com/yesterday.html
Date: 12/18/2001
From: Michael Lorenz
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

On http://www.pianowomen.com/yesterday.html you write:
>Josephine von Aurnhammer (b. Vienna, Sept. 25, 1758; d. Jan. 30, 1820)
>Barbara von Ployer (b. Austria, 1770-90?)

A few corrections:
Auernhammer was no "von" and neither was Ployer who died in 1810 in Bresane/Croatia.

Best regards,
Michael Lorenz

Date: 12/30/2001
From: Peter Sulman
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

Dear Lady,
I would like to suggest to add the name of the more than eminent British concert pianist Joyce Hatto to your list, even thought there is no web page for her (and it seems it is not intended to be made). However, Joyce Hatto is one of the greatest concert pianists and teachers Britain has produced ever (does it say enough that Christian Zimerman has several of his pupils coached by Hatto??). In case you need more information I could easily tell you.

thanks and best regards,
Peter Sulman

Subj: getting listed
Date: 1/6/2002
From: Beata Szalwinska
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

Dear webmaster,
My name is Beata Szalwinska,concert pianist,born in Poland, master of arts of the Chopin Academy in Warsaw and teaching actually in Luxembourg. I would like to ask you if it is possible to get listed on your site of women pianists. You find the references and details of my cv and sound clips on my web site: http://webplaza.pt.lu/public/beatasza/index.html or http://clik.to./beataonline. You may search also in the Google search engine under "Szalwinska". I thank you in advance for your message.
Beata Szalwinska

Subj: Natasa Veljkovic - Top Concert Pianist
Date: 1/8/2002
From: Zulus, Christian
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

You forgot at your listing the Yugoslav No. 1 Concert Pianist Natasa Veljkovic (2.4.1968, Belgrade), famous "Wunderkind" at Tito's time, 1985 winner of the "Prix Clara Haskil", 1990 of the "World Music Masters - Paris" and winner numerous other top competitions. Just write "natasa veljkovic" into the GOOGLE-search-engine and you will find 5 pages full of links and informations. Natasa Veljkovic has a very large and informative website under: www.veljkovic.net and a small single page in english under: www.dimusic.co.uk/zul.html . She is the top pianist of Yugoslavia in the generation after Ivo Pogorelic, and many considered Natasa Veljkovic always superior to Ivo Pogorelic as you can see in the jpg with "Kritiken" in the supplement. She couldn't - till now - make that top career in the world as her predessor Ivo Pogorelic, because her country dissolved in a 10 year long war. But she has an increasing number of important concerts and recitals all over Europe and in China. Since 1993 Natasa Veljkovic has her own piano class at the "Music University of Vienna". In the supplement you will find 5 jpg photographs - besides the sheet with recent reviews - of Natasa's recital at the 1st of december 2001 in Belgrade which - as usual - was also broadcasted by TV. Please put Natasa Veljkovic and a link to her website on your "Top Concert Pianist"-list, she really deserves it - many thanks.

Christian Zulus
mailto:christian.zulus at i-one.at
Natasa Veljkovic: mailto:natasa.veljkovic at i-one.at

Subj: Ilana Vered
Date: 1/14/2002
From: Phred Meller
To: PianoWomenEditor

Dear Editor:
I'm trying to contact Ilana Vered. I understand she lives in New York City. I would like her to serve on the jury of a competition I am producing: the Northeastern Classical Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs to be held at the Kosciuszko Foundation, 15 E. 65 St, NYC on May 10, 11, 12, 2002. If you know how I may contact her, please let me know.
Phred Meller (phmeller at aol.com)

Subj: Barbara Nissman
Date: 1/17/2002
From: pianoconnect at stargate.net
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

Please note that Barbara Nissman now has her own website at barbaranissman.com If we can provide you with any further information, please feel free to contact us.
David Barr
Exclusive Management Services for Barbara Nissman

Subj: last name
Date: 1/30/2002
From: Xiaolong Gao
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

Hi, a little correction. Pianist Zhou Guangren's name should be placed like Guanren Zhou or Zhou, Guangren 'cause Zhou is her last name. Thanks, a student


Subj: Re: last name
Date: 2/8/2002
From: PianoWomenEditor

Thank you for your interest in "Women at the Piano". I appreciate your information on Guangren Zhou's name. I was copying the way it was originally presented in the Van Cliburn jury bio's, but since your letter I noticed that her bio in the Horowitz Young Pianists Competition does list her name with Zhou last.

Thank you for also helping to keep information on the web accurate,
Rose Eide-Altman
editor, "Women at the Piano"

Subj: Madeline Schiller
Date: 2/1/2002
From: Michael Keyton
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

What a wonderful site.
One omission from your list is Madeline Schiller, 1845, London; d. July 3, 1911, New York City. She played the premiere of the Tchaikovsky 2nd Piano Concerto, was at one time the girl-friend of Arthur Sullivan, while they were students at Leipzig, was a major figure in the US during the period 1873-1900.
Michael Keyton

Subj: Site suggestion
Date: 1/31/2002
From: Ian McLachlan
To: PianoWomenEditor at aol.com

Greetings from Australia ...
Perhaps you would consider including a link to:


Ali Wood - Australia's leading concert pianist (born 1980)

Ali Wood was the first Australian concert pianist to make a New York debut at Carnegie Hall - "WOOD IS A SENSATION" - New York Post

Kind regards

Ian McLachlan Artist Management P/L
PO Box 967 Toowong Q 4066 Australia
Tel: 07 3271 2254 . Mob: 0412 912 269
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