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April and May 2003

January, February and March 2003
A reply to previous request about Juliana Markova, several new submissions, along with a variety of questions for the readers.

September 2002
New names, new sites, as well as mention of old artists.

May 2002
This page includes many letters in search of people, none of whom could the editor find information on. Maybe a reader will know some of the answers. There are also quite a few suggestions for new names to be added to the site.

April 2002
Seven more pianists are suggested as additions to the site with some interesting, historical biographies as well as websites of living artists.

March 2002
Readers offer suggestions; solicit help for information on Eileen Joyce; as well as look for a copy of George Kehler's The Piano in Concert in order to reprint this important resource book.

February 2002
Over a dozen letters in December and January pose questions for the editor and readers, present several new, young artists and prompt corrections of existing data.

December 2001
Readers write about a famous concert pianist in Australia, Tessa Birnie, and about discovering their relative's biography on this website, Aline van Barentzen, along with five other letters.

November 2001
Find out more about the Lili Kraus birthdate controversy, as well as letters from other editors on the World Wide Web.

October 2001
Ten letters, with replies, discuss unknown artists such as Etelka Freund and Lubka Kolessa, as well as updates and additions to current listings.

September 2001
Explore the lives of Johana Harris and Aline van Barentzen .

August 2001
Letters and replies about Elly Ney and Anna Antoniades, and one from Pamela Ross.
E-mail advertisements include historic LP's; on-line keyboard lessons; and new CD's by Nadajda Vlaeva and Lara Downes.

July 2001
Read about Ilana Vered, Alicia de Larrocha, Janice Millington, Valentina Igoshina, Mihaela Ursuleasa, and Maryla Jonas.