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Nancy Arganbright (b. 1936) and Dallas Weekley (b. 1933)

    Arganbright, Nancy, and Dallas Weekley. Schubert's music for piano four-hands : a comprehensive guide to performing and listening to the dances, fantasies, marches, polonaises, sonatas, variations, waltzes and other duets. . White Plains, N.Y. : Pro/Am Music Resources, 1990.
Gina Bachauer (1913-1976)
    Wade, Graham. Gina Bachauer, A Pianist's Odessey. Leeds, England: GRM Publications, 1999 [ 402 pages, with Prefaces from H.M. King Constantine of the Hellenes, H.R.H. Princess Irene of Greece, and Foreword by the Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Heath, formerly Prime Minister of Great Britain. This is the official biography of Gina Bachauer, commissioned by her family. (Available in England from GRM Publications, 383 Queen Street, Withernsea, HU19 2NZ, England, and in the USA from The Bold Strummer.)]
    Allred, Nancy C. "Gina Bachauer: Her Performance Career, A Study of Her Repertoire in Concert and Recording." DMA Diss., University of Missouri, 1999.
Amy Beach (1867-1944)
    Block, Adrienne F. Amy Beach, Passionate Victorian: The Life and Work of an American Composer, 1867-1944. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1998
    Jenkins, W. S. The Remarkable Mrs. Beach, American Composer: A Biographical Account Based on Her Diaries, Letters, Newspaper Clippings, and Personal Reminiscences. Michigan: Harmonie Park Press, 1994
    Brown, Jeanell W. Amy Beach and Her Chamber Music: biography, documents, style. Composers of North America Series, No. 16. N.Y.:Scarecrow Press, 1994
    Merrill, Lindsey. "Mrs. H. H. A. Beach: Her Life and Works." Ph.D. diss., University of Rochester, 1963.
Tessa Birnie
    Birnie, Tessa. Music In My Hands: a concert pianist's perspective. Middle Cove, N.S.W. : Azzano Press, 2002
Teresa Carreno (1853-1917)
    Thompson, Barbara Tilden, "The Twentieth-Century United States Concert Tours of Teresa Carreno", master's thesis, Temple University, Esther Boyer College of Music
    Albuquerque, A.E., "Teresa Carreno: pianist, teacher, and composer." Diss., 1989
    Milinowski, M., Teresa Carreno: By the Grace of God, New York, Da Capo Press, 1979 (reprint from 1940)
Gaby Casadesus (1901-1999)
    Casadesus, G. and Muller, J., trans. P. Dussaux. Our Musical Marriage Cleveland, Ohio: The Hagley Press, 1993
    Casadesus, G. and Muller, J.. Mes Noces Musicales Paris: Buchet/Chastel; Neuilly:SACEM, 1989
Cecile Chaminade(1857-1944)
    Citron, Marcie. Cecile Chaminade: a bio-bibliography. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1988
Dame Harriet Cohen (1895-1967)
    Cohen, Harriet. A Bundle of Time: the Memoirs of Harriet Cohen.London:...., 1969
    Cohen, Harriet. Music's Handmaid London:....,1936, rev. 2/1950
Maria Cucio
    Ashley, Douglas. Music Beyond Sound: Maria Curcio, a Teacher of Great Pianists. American University Studies, Series XX, Vol. 19. N.Y.: Peter Lang, 1993
Kathleen Dale (1895-1984)
    Dale, Kathleen. Nineteenth-century Piano Music. New York, Da Capo Press, 1972 (reprint from 1954)
    Dale, Kathleen. Brahms: a concertgoer's companion. London: Clive Bingley, 1970
Adelina de Lara (1873-1961)
    de Lara, Adelina. Finale. London, 1955
Lucette Descaves (1906-1993)
    Descaves, Lucette. Un nouvel art du piano : exposés et documentation de pédagogie pianistique. Paris : Fayard, 1966
Jeanne Louise Farrenc (1804-1875)
    Friedland, Bea. Louise Farrenc: 1804-1875: Composer, Performer, Scholar. Ann Arbor: UMI Research, 1980
Amy Fay (1844-1928)
    McCarthy, Margaret. Amy Fay: America's Notable Woman of Music. Warren, MI: Harmonie Park Press, 1995
    More Letters of Amy Fay: the American Years, 1879-1916. ed. by M. W. McCarthy.
    Fay, Amy. Music Study in Germany New York, Da Capo Press, 1979 (reprint from 1896)
Cecile Genhart (1898-1983)
    Cheung, Mandarin G. "Pilgrimage of an Artist-Teacher: Cecile Staub Genhart as Remembered By Her Students." DMA Diss., Ariz. State Univ., 1999
Agathe Backer Grondahl (1847-1907)
    Dahm, Cecilie. Agathe Backer Grondahl: komponisten og pianisten. Oslo: Solum, 1998
    Iverson, Jane Leland. "Piano Music of Agathe Backer Grondahl." DMA Diss., University of Northern Colorado, 1993
Hazel Harrison (1883-1969)
    Cazort, Jean E. and Constance T. Hobson. Born to Play: The Life and Career of Hazel Harrison. Wesport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 1983
Clara Haskil (1895-1960)
    Spycket, Jérôme. Clara Haskil . Lausanne: Editions Payot, 1975
Dame Myra Hess (1890-1965)
    McKenna, Marian C. Myra Hess: A Portrait. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1976
    Myra Hess: By Her Friends compiled by Denise Lassimonne. N.Y.: Vanguard Press, 1966
Helen Hopekirk (1856-1945)
    Guptill, Teresa L. "The Life and Music of Helen Hopekirk." DMA Diss. Univ. of Washington.
    Muller, Dana G. "The Career and Piano Compositions of Helen Hopekirk." DMA Diss., Univ. of Hartford.
Marie Jaell-Trautmann (1846-1925)
    Kiener, Helene. Marie Jaell: 1846-1925, problemes d'esthetique et de pedagogie musicales. Paris: Flamarion, 1952
Eileen Joyce (1908-1991)
    Davis, Richard. Eileen Joyce: a portrait. Fremantle, W.A.: Fremantle Arts Centre Press. 2001
Lili Kraus (1908-1986)
    Roberson, Steve. Lili Kraus: Hungarian Pianist, Texas Teacher, Personality Extraordinaire Fort Worth, Texas, TCU Press. 2000
Wanda Landowska (1877-1959)
    Landowska, Wanda. Landowska on Music. Collected, edited, and translated by Denise Restout. New York: Stein and Day, 1964
Ruth Laredo (1937-)
    Laredo, Ruth. The Ruth Laredo Becoming a Musician Book. Valley Forge, PA: European American Music, 1992.
Yvonne Lefébure (1898-1986)
    Carbou, Yvette. La leçon de musique d’Yvonne Lefébure. Editions Van De Velde (Collection Les Maîtres de la Musique), 1995
Rosina Lhevinne (1880-1976)
    Wallace, Robert. A Century of Music-Making: The Lives of Josef and Rosina Lhevinne. Bloomington, IN: Indiana Univ. Press., 1976
Marguerite Long (1874-1966)
    Dunoyer, Cecilia, Marguerite Long: a life in French music, 1874-1966, Bloomington, IN: Indiana Univ. Press., 1993
    Weill, Janine, Marguerite Long, une vie fascinante [par] Janine-Weill, Paris, Julliard, 1969
Moura Lympany (1916-)
    Lympany, Moura and Margot Strickland. Moura Lympany: Her Autobiography. London: Peter Owen, 1991
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel (1805-1847)
    Tillard, Francoise. Fanny Mendelssohn. Translated by Camille Naish. Portland, OR: Amadeus Press, 1996
    The Letters of Fanny Hensel to Felix Mendelssohn. Collected, edited, and translated by Marcia J. Citron. n.p.: Pendragon Press, 1987
    Sirota, Victoria R. "The Life and Works of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel." D.M.A. diss., Boston University School for the Arts, 1981.
Angelica Morales von Sauer (1911-1996)
    Tapia, Maria Eugenia. "Angelica Morales von Sauer: an account of her performing and teaching career." DMA Diss., University of Texas at Austin, 1995.
Allison Nelson and Harry Neal
    Neal, Harry. Wave As You Pass. New York: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1958
Elly Ney (1882-1968)
    Band, Erster. Elly Ney: Briefwechsel mit Willem van Hoogstraten. Tutzing, Germany: Hans Schneider, 1970
    Pidoll, Carl von. Elly Ney: Gedanken uber ein Kunstlertum. Leipzig: Helingsche Verlagsanstalt, 1942
Maria Theresia von Paradis (1759-1824)
    Matsushita, Hidemi. "The Musical Career and the Compositions of Maria Theresia von Paradis." Ph. D. Diss., Brigham Young Univ., 1989
Rebecca Penneys
    Penneys, Rebecca and Ray Gottlieb. Fundamentals of Flow in Learning Music. 1994
Janine Reding
    Piette, Janine Reding. 2 pianos, une vocation. Paris : La Longue Vue, 1992.
Nadia Reisenberg (1905-1983)
    Sherman, Robert and Alexander Sherman. Nadia Reisenberg: A Musician's Scrapbook. College Park, MD: International Piano Archives at Univ. of MD, 1986
Julie Rive-King (1857-1937)
    Petteys, Merrie Leslie. "Julie Rivé-King, American Pianist." D.M.A., Performance, University of Missouri, 1987. xv, 432 p. append., bibliog.
Carol Robinson (1889-?)
    Goss, Glenda D. Music and the Moderns: The Life and Works of Carol Robinson. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1993
Pnina Salzman (1924-)
    Meir, Baruch Ishay. "Pnina Salzman: Her career and interpretive art". DMA Diss., Arizona State Univ., 2000.
Olga Samaroff-Stowkowski(1882-1948)
    Kline, Donna S. An American Virtuoso on the World Stage: Olga Samaroff Stokowski. College Station: Texas, A&M Univ. Press, 1996
    Samaroff Stokowski, Olga. An American Musician's Story. N.Y.: W.W.Norton, 1939
    McGillen, Geoffrey E. "Olga Samaroff-Stokowski: Her Teaching and Artistic Legacy (1924-1948)." DMA Diss., Ball State Univ., 1988.
Clara Schumann (1819-1896)
    Reich, Nancy B. Clara Schumann: The Artist and the Woman. Revised Edition. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 2001.
    The Complete Correspondance of Clara and Robert Schumann. 2 volumes. ed. by Eva Weissweiler, trans. by Hildegard Fritsch, Ronald L. Crawford. N.Y.: Peter Lang, 1994
    The Marriage Diaries of Robert and Clara Schumann: From Their Wedding Day through the Russia Trip. Boston: Northeastern Univ. Press, 1993
    Klassen, Janina. Clara Wieck-Schumann: Die Virtuosin als Komponistin. Kassel:Barenreiter-Verlag, 1990
    Chissell, Joan. Clara Schumann: A Dedicated Spirit. N.Y.: Taplinger, 1983
    Litzmann, Berthold. Clara Schumann: An Artist's Life. 2 volumes. N.Y.: Vienna House, 1972 (reprint of 1913 ed.)
    Letters of Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms, 1853-1896. ed. by Berthold Litzmann. N.Y.: Vienna House, 1971 (2nd ed. 1973) repub. of 1927 ed.
    Harding, Bertita. Concerto: The Glowing Story of Clara Schumann. N.Y.:Bobbs-Merrill, 1961
    Burke, John. Clara Schumann: A Romantic Biography. N.Y.: Random House, 1940
Philippa Schuyler (1931-1967)
    Talalay, Kathryn. Composition in Black and White: The Life of Philippa Schuyler. N.Y.: Oxford Univ. Press, 1995
Phyllis Sellick (b. England, June 16, 1911) and Cyril Smith (b. England, Aug. 11, 1909; d. London, Aug. 2, 1974)
    Smith, Cyril. Duet for Three Hands. Angus & Robertson, 1958
Ruth Slenczynska (1925-)
    Slenczynska, Ruth. Music at Your Fingertips: Aspects of Pianoforte Technique. N.Y.: Cornerstone Library, 1968 (DaCapo Reprint, 1976)
Nelita True
    True, Nelita. "A Style Analysis of the Published Solo Piano Works of Leon Kirchner." DMA Diss., Peabody Conservatory of Music, 1976.
Marguerite Wolff
    Clarson-Leach, Robert. Marguerite Wolff: adventures of a concert pianist. London: Artmusique, 1985
Isabela Vengerova (1877-1956)
    Rezits, Joseph. Beloved Tyranna: The Legend and Legacy of Isabelle Vengerova. Bloomington, IN: David Daniel Music Pub., 1995
Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler (1863-1927)
    Hallman, Diana Ruth. "The Pianist Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler in American Music and Society." Master's thesis, University of Maryland, 1983.

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