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Articles by Rose Eide-Altman
published on this website 2001-2002

"African-American Women Concert Pianists"
Short biographies of Natalie Hinderas, Hazel Harrison and Philippa Schuyler, along with other names and resources.

"Getting Thru Life's Trials"
Julia Gorenman, Idil Biret and Ruth Laredo reveal the difficult times in their lives.

"The Ins and Outs of Groves"
A look at the women added and cut from the 2001 Groves and Bakers

"The Mature Performer"
Examples from the lives of Dame Myra Hess and Rosina Lhevinne.

"Why Perform? (and How to Prepare)"
Giving students and parents healthy reasons to perform;
Performance preparation as a teachable skill

"Performing in 'The Zone'"
Quotes from Fischer, Rachmaninoff and Laredo describe an illusive phenomena

"More About 'Performing in 'The Zone'"
A continuation of the subject with a quote from Stewart Gordon.

"Preparing Pianists for Service"
Incorporating service for others into the performing perspective.

"Professional Interchange in the Developing Artist"
Is the need for artistic interaction greater for women than for men? What role does it play in maintaining a performing career past one's thirties? Thoughts based on a quote from Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel.

"Rubrics in the Studio?"
Using rubrics to communicate the teacher's expectations and provide for student self-evaluation

"Women Pianists as Composers"
Several women listed in this site had important careers as composers. In this month's article you will find them listed in several important sites on the internet, as well as discover why Jeanne Louise Farrenc is an outstanding example of the multi-talented woman.