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List of Pianists' Interviewed in Branham dissertation

Branham, Cheryl. Piano/Forte: A study of women concert pianists' lives and careers. University of Maryland College Park, 1995 (UMI#9622179)

This important source of career-oriented biographical material is available from UMI's Dissertations Express. The actual dissertation draws interesting comparisons and statistics from the interviews of professional pianists, but I think that the most valuable section is the Appendix which contains the interviews themselves. Only two or three of these artists have previosly published interviews or biographies, making this an invaluable insight into not just individual careers, but also the overall world of the woman as professional pianist, both historically and more recently.

The interviews took place in the early 1990's and the women interviewed are:

Lydia Artymiw
Angela Cheng
Eileen Tate Cline
Evelyne Crochet
Lillian Freundlich
Marian Hahn
Anne Koscielny
Ruth Laredo
Dame Moura Lympany
Ellen Mack
Marjorie Mitchell
Cristina Ortiz
Rebecca Penneys
Eleanor Sokoloff
Susan Starr
Nelita True
Blanca Uribe
Ilana Vered
Frances Walker
Sara Wolfensohn
Karen Wolff
Oxana Yablonskaya
Patricia Zander